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The slate is stocked in the exterior zone of the workshop as well as in a covered lace, depending on the existing previsions for the material that is sent immediately or, at the contrary, it remains in the store awaiting urgent necessities. In all the cases, the slate is identificated bh its size and thickness. In the sorroundings of the central worksho of Caborco Oscuro, there is aslo a mechanical workshop where we can check and repare the major part of the firm machinery. Also, we can find in the sorroundings the water depuration systems that are used in the wash treatment of the slate, then the waters are versed totally clean to the environment. 
Caborco Oscuro
The use of the slate is miscellaneous and varied, from the pavements of houses to the coating and passing by functions definitely aesthetical and decorative. But the more usual use is the overlapping of the roofs in which the slate is the better existing material to face any meteorological situation. More than this peculiar quality, the slate has some others, like its versatility, strengthness and beauty that convert this material in one of the most adecuated for any building covering.

Caborco Oscuro